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We are thinking that the murder is the work of some animal, but now the caretaker of the house, Majid Mia, is saying that this is the work of a ghost?

This is his misconception because there is no such thing as a ghost. 
And if we continue to talk about ghosts, it will look ridiculous to everyone. Instead, we should focus more on investigation. And uncovering the real facts behind the mystery.

- Yes sir.

When he went upstairs, he saw Rafi Sahib sitting on the balcony with a wheel chair looking at his sister's picture.

-Assalamualaikum Rafi Saheb

-Walaikumussalam I didn't know you well

- Yes, it is normal to not know. I am OC Mahfuzur Rahman and this is Constable Atiq.

- Yes, sit down. (Moving the chair forward)

-Thanks actually we came to investigate the cause of your sister's death. And hope you will help us investigate.

Hearing this, Rafi Sahib cried and said

- What harm did my sister do that caused my sister to suffer and die like this?

- Look, we understand your state of mind. But what to do, what was meant to happen has happened. No one has control over fate. Besides, none of us know whether the animal died in the attack of the beast or if there is any other reason behind your sister's death. So I was saying if 
It would be great if you could help us with some information in our investigation.

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