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Eye sea


Fear is something else, none of the three know how much they are thinking or not thinking about fear of the unknown. 
Everyone is passing the pine trees, the moonlight is very faint in the sky, the stars are shining, but the sky is dark, somehow there is nothing to understand. 
Sian's daughter from PC A Gaon, grew up here. 
There is no event that he does not know about until he grows up, not even a significant event or a frightening event has happened in this village. 
But recent events have scared him. 
So even when he comes to his village, he walks with fear which he never does, the difference between Sian and Suki is well understood. 
What time does your father return now? 
Sian turned back a little at PC's question. 
At around 10 o'clock, father came, said and started walking again. 
How is the mother's body now? 
Can you walk now? 
Yes Dadu is very healthy now. 
Yesterday too, I saw that Divya had gone to Parimal's house while walking. 
Sian paused to walk together. 
They have reached the garden of Nagkesar. 
There is a cold atmosphere all around, but the natural harmony between the sky and the ground, the sky full of stars, the moonlight, the dust trail, which all together make the environment a scenic village is no longer there. 
For the water mud that made the difference. 
Suddenly, Suki felt someone's hand touch her hand, but it was on her left side

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