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World victory in faith - Last speech


Gaining social status, being politically recognized by some, being healthy by others, presenting oneself as an honorable person, being known as a person by others, being known as a good teacher or writer by others, etc.  This means that every human being cherishes a dream inside him.  You want to express yourself in the way you imagine yourself.  And the one who can make this healthy imagination a reality is the one who is successful in his own field.  There are different kinds of people in our society and their different kinds of desires.  He is the one who meets the expectations and is considered successful.  For example, if a student starts studying with the desire to be first in the class and can really be the first, then he is successful.  Being the first is success for him.  In this way, if someone works with a lot of money and becomes the owner of a lot of money, then he is successful.  In this way, if the person gets what he expects, then he is successful.

Success and happiness go hand in hand.  Getting what you want or wanting in your mind means success, and happiness is limiting your desire to get what you get.  Just survival but not success.  It’s more than that.  Success is the name of making your life beautiful in every sense, moving forward step by step, feeling life, understanding the heart.  And not only do you want to be successful but you also need to have a good life with the people around you.  Another thing is that no one wants to fall for a success.  After getting one success, he wants to move on to another success.  That's normal.  Because people like to dream one after another.  Success is the name of making one dream after another successful and a reality.

Dear reader, I discussed at the outset that self-confidence is a prerequisite for success.  Confidence and success complement each other.  One involves the other.  With success comes success in your life.  Since the ladder of success is built through self-confidence, we need to know about self-confidence.  What is confidence?  What is the need for it?  How much of it is inside us?  What is the way to measure confidence?   We need to understand each facet of it.  It is important to remember that, in a word, your own Confidence is the name of confidence, but its scope is very wide.  Confidence is not limited to just one word.  We need to know the correct analysis and application of self-confidence.  Own meditation-idea thought-consciousness.  Confidence is the name of one's positive thinking and belief in the right action plan, character traits, risk-taking ability, ability to interact with people, presentation style, manners, etc.  The greater the self-confidence, the more he can improve and succeed in his field of work.

Many may own a lot of wealth through ancestral sources, but success, self-confidence are not innate.  These are to be achieved.  And self-confidence does not come in the hands of success at once.  These have to be achieved step by step.  I will try to discuss in this book how to achieve confidence and success.  Dear reader, the dream of success in life is in everyone.  We all want to be happy and beautiful.  I have beautiful beautiful dreams.  But many of us do not do the right thing to realize the dream.  Or many do not know how to do the job.  Remember that with the expectation of success, strong self-confidence, positive attitude towards work, good will, proper work plan and strong will, you will move towards success step by step and one day you will reach the desired goal.  Of course you will succeed in life.  Here is a word to be asked politely. Many people ask me, brother, you write a book on its success, how beautiful it is, but how successful are you?  I am a writer.  Naturally with my dream writing.  How well I was able to write, how much space I was able to take in the heart of the reader is a matter for me to see.  Moreover, we try to find a beautiful path. If one can achieve success in life by following that path, then that is success for us.


Thanks for your support and love

Regards: Shimi

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