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When seen after a long time



Today, almost one years and nintyseven days later, I saw you on the train. You are going to Kurigram as much as possible, but not alone, your groom and a baby girl in your lap. I look at you with great pride and wonder how much you have changed today. The two of us are sitting in the opposite seat. Although there is a lot of talk in my eyes, today I am just a passenger unfamiliar to you. All the anger I had towards you two years ago is over in an instant. Because I still love you a lot, but I don't have that old love for you anymore. I took out the phone and looked at that picture of you and wondered how much you were talking and arrogant. And today you sit with someone else and find the meaning of life. One of your habits I like very much is that you can't keep an eye on me. Your daughter is just like you, her eyes are like yours and her nose is just like yours. The night is getting dark, the train is almost asleep, there is no beauty beyond knowing that you are awake, yet you wake up on the mere pretext of staying awake. Your groom is probably looking for a government job. I want to know how you are, Su .... but I can't say because I think someone has built a wall between you and me. I see your hair flying across your eyes. You have a very innocent look.

Thanks you all

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