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The state of the conscious and subconscious mind



One of the strangest ways to learn about the workings of the brain is that you can think of your brain as a garden and you are the gardener of that garden. You are sowing the seeds of justice in your subconscious mind every day. But most of the time you don't feel like you're doing it, because that seed is based on your habitual thinking. Just as you sow seeds in your subconscious mind, so you have to reap the harvest in your own body and circumstances.

If your subconscious mind is fertile soil, it will help you to germinate all kinds of good or bad seeds. If you sow thorns. So can you get grapes? If you plant thorny shrubs, will you be able to harvest figs? Every judgment is a cause and every situation is a consequence. That is why it is so important that you control your own judgment. Only in this way can you get the desired situation.

This is the time when you can sow the seeds of peace, happiness, righteous deeds, goodwill and prosperity. Think about these things in peace and faith. Accept them fully in your conscious mind. If you continue to sow all these seeds of judgment in your own brain garden, you will reap a very good harvest.

When your brain begins to think properly, you begin to understand the truth. When the judgment that reaches your subconscious mind is creative, harmonious and peaceful, then the magic of your subconscious mind will react. It will create the necessary conditions and the right environment for that judgment. As you begin to control your own judgment, you will begin to apply the power of your subconscious mind to any problem or difficult situation. In this way you will see that you are knowingly cooperating with unlimited power and unbreakable rules — which apply to all things.

Look around yourself. No matter where you live, no matter what your social status, you will find that most people live in the external world. But most wise people live in their own inner world. They know it - in fact you will know that the outer world originates from the inner world. Your judgments, thoughts and dreams are the father of your experience. The inner mind is the only creative force. No matter how much you receive in the external world, all of them have arisen in the inner world of your mind, whether you do it consciously or subconsciously.

When you learn about the interaction of your conscious and subconscious mind, you will also be able to rejuvenate your life. If you want to change the external situation, you have to change the cause. Most people struggle with situations and situations and try to change them. It takes more time and effort. For this reason, they cannot see for what reason this situation has arisen. In order to get rid of monogamy, hesitation, deprivation and limitations from your own life, you have to remove the root cause of them. There is only one way to do this, by which you apply your own conscious mind; All the judgments and images that you fill in it. If you can change the cause, the result will change automatically. It's so easy! People live in a vast sea of unlimited wealth. His subconscious mind is extremely sensitive to his own conscious judgments. This conscious judgment works directly, in which the infinite knowledge, intellect, vitality and energy of your subconscious become dynamic. If you make this structure more positive, then you can benefit more from this unlimited energy.

This book will show you how to apply the rules of your subconscious mind through true and relevant examples. Once you learn to apply this technique, you will be rich instead of poverty, intelligence instead of superstition and ignorance, punishment instead of internal strife, success instead of failure, happiness instead of sorrow, light instead of darkness, faith instead of disagreement and goodwill. Keep doing. This may prove to be a wonderful blessing for you. Most of the world's scientists, artists, poets, singers, writers and inventors gained knowledge about the conscious and subconscious mind work. That is why they had the power to achieve their goals.

Once upon a time the great opera singer Enrico Caruso was afraid to get on stage. Because of this fear, the muscles in his throat became tense. He felt as if his paralysis had become paralyzed and he had become unemployed.

Has become unemployed. He was standing behind the stage in the singer's dress and his face and eyes were bathed in sweat. Because in a short time he had to get up and sing in front of thousands of people. In a trembling voice he said- 'I can't sing. Everyone will laugh when they hear my song. My career will be over. ' As he turned to go to his room, he suddenly stopped and shouted, "Someone is trying to grab me by the throat!" He ordered himself: 'I want to sing!' He was able to give this order because of the infinite power and intelligence of his subconscious mind. He began to chant - 'Get out, get out, this time I will sing!' Her subconscious mind engaged in reaction and freed her infinite power. He came on stage at the right time and sang very beautifully. The audience was also mesmerized by his song.

From this you can understand that Keruso understood the two levels of his brain, the conscious or logical level and the subconscious or irrational level! Your subconscious mind is always reactive. It reacts similarly to the nature of your judgment. When your conscious mind is full of fear, thoughts and stress, then negative thoughts start flowing in your conscious mind. This negative feeling fills the conscious mind with panic, fear and despair. When that happens to you, you too can learn from the example of the great Caruso. You can say to the irrational thoughts that have arisen in your deep mind with determination and complete authority - ‘Shut up, calm down. I am in control now. Now you have to obey my orders. You have to obey me. You can't occupy that which is not your area! '

When you say this to your irrational thoughts with determination and authority, you will be mesmerized by the consequences. Your mind will be filled with peace and goodwill. The subconscious mind is under the conscious mind. For this reason it is called subconscious.

The conscious mind is captain:

Conscious mind is like a ship's captain. It gives direction to the ship. The engine gives orders to the people in the room and they control the boiler, various appliances and the rest of the equipment. They do not know exactly where they are going, they just follow the captain's orders. But if the captain gives a wrong or defective order on the basis of the compass and other instruments, Then the ship may collide with the rock. The people in the engine room are forced to obey the captain because the captain is the boss. Since they know what the captain is doing, they do not argue with the captain. They all quietly obeyed the captain's orders.

The captain became the owner of his own ship, so everyone obeyed his orders. This is exactly how your conscious mind becomes the captain and owner of your ship. As in all cases involving you - your body and your environment. The conscious mind silently obeys all those orders. He does not question these orders, nor does he want to know on what basis they are being issued. If you keep telling yourself that you don't have the money to buy these things, then your subconscious mind will accept you. He will make sure that you never have the money to buy the things you want. If you keep saying that you have a car, but you don't have money to go home on vacation; Even then your subconscious mind will continue to obey your orders and you will never be able to buy those things. You keep thinking that all of this is due to circumstances.

You will never feel that you have created such a situation because of your own negative judgment. A few years ago, on a Christmas day, a young woman named Nina Doxiu, a student at the University of Southern California, was walking through a great shopping area in Beverly Hills. He wanted to go on holiday to Buffalo, New York with his family.

But as Nina walked past the store, her gaze fell on a beautiful Spanish leather bag in the store's display window. He looked at the bag as he received it - but when he saw the price of the bag, he sighed.

He was going to tell himself that he would never buy such an expensive bag. But just then he remembered me - 'Never complete a negative sentence. Complete the positive sentence by reversing it immediately. It will make your life better. '

Looking at the bag, Nina said again- ‘This bag is mine and it is for sale here. I am mentally acknowledging that I will receive it and in my subconscious mind I will ensure that I receive it! ”

That evening, at dinner, Nina met her fianc. Her fianc had a nice gift wrapped in a paper bag. Nina held her breath and opened it; Inside was a Spanish leather bag that Nina had seen in the store's display window that afternoon and accepted as her own.

He filled his mind with hope. In this way he conveyed the matter to a very deep mind i.e. the subconscious mind which has the power of perception.

Mina later told me- 'I didn't have the money to buy the bag, but I got it nonetheless. Now I understand that where will I get the money and other things? All those things will come from my own eternal treasure. '

The promise of the subconscious mind:

A few months ago today, I received a letter from a woman who had heard my speech before. "I am a 65-year-old widow," she wrote in the letter. My children left me when I was growing up, and I was forced to live alone. I was living on Social Security and a few pensions. My life was very lonely and hopeless. But one day I remembered your speech on the power of my subconscious mind. You said that through repetition, faith and hope we can convey our judgment to the subconscious mind. I decided to test my judgment - because I had nothing to lose!

I keep repeating over and over again with the full thought that someone loves me. I am married and my husband is a kind, loving and spiritually minded person. I am safe and happy!

I kept repeating this thing several times for about 2 weeks. Then one day I met a retired pharmacist at a drug store in the neighborhood. He was also very kind, intelligent and pious. He gave the ideal answer to my prayer. As a result, he proposed to me within a week. We are currently on a honeymoon in Europe. I know very well that all this is possible because of the intelligence of my subconscious mind and that is why we have come so close to each other.

Ruth felt that the treasure was inside her. Her prayers seemed true to her heart and her positivity sank deep into her subconscious mind which was a creative tool. The moment he firmly saw such a picture, the moment his subconscious mind found the answer by the law of attraction. An intelligent subconscious mind brought her and her new husband together.

Be sure to consider:

If something is true, if something is honest, if something is fair, if something is pure, if something is favorite, if something is good, we should always think about those things.


All the hidden treasures are inside you. Therefore, find the answer to the desire of your mind inside. The great secret of the great men of every age was that they had the talent to communicate with the wonderful powers of their own subconscious minds and to set them free. You can do the same.

Every human being can find the solution to all the problems by his own subconscious mind. If you say to your subconscious mind before going to bed at night: 'I want to wake up tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning.' Then this thing will wake you up at the right time. Your subconscious mind is the builder of your body and it can cure you. That is why your subconscious mind will obey your commands when you go to bed with the ideal judgment every night.

Every judgment has a cause and every situation has a consequence. If you want to write a good book, write a good play, give a good speech in front of your audience, then you should convey such thoughts to your subconscious mind with love. Then your subconscious mind will react to all those thoughts.

You become like the captain of a ship. Will give you exact instructions, otherwise the ship will crash. In this way you have to give the right order to your own subconscious mind, which controls all your feelings. Never use a sentence like 'I don't have money for this.' Or 'I can't do this. Because as you think, your subconscious mind accepts that thing. Your subconscious mind ensures that you never have the money or the ability to do the work you want to do. That is why you say firmly - 'I can do everything by the power of my subconscious mind.'

The rules of life are the rules of faith. Faith Never think of the things in your brain that can hurt you. Believe in the power of your subconscious mind. It will heal you, send us, strengthen and enrich us. Your results will be the same as believing in your subconscious mind. Change your beliefs - your destiny will change on its own.

Thanks everyone visiting my blog stay safe

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