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Hello, friends. Today I will tell you about a plugin. Which is a really complicated thing. With this plug-in, listening to music or listening to the sound of pictures will be done in one word. Once you listen to music with this plug-in, you will no longer enjoy listening to music without this plug-in.

This plug-in will give some effect to your sound which is really nice. Not only sound effects but his alertness and dedication too are most required. You can use it on headphones in addition to speakers.

The other benefits you will get are:

  • Advanced audio enhancement effects DSP
  • Speakers and Headphones Optimization
  • Finely tuned, Customizable Music Presets
  • Spectrum analyzer dynamic sound
  • Powerful audio processing modes
  • Design, shapely skins
  • Space Saving Mini-mode Interface Presets
  • Backup and Restore
  • Preset Song Associations
  • 5.1 / 7.1 Surround Sound Support
  • 64-bit Windows Support
  • 3D Surround Sound - Immerse yourself inside the music
  • Ambient Stereo - Renew lost stereo depth High Fidelity Restoration
  • Dynamic Gain Boosting - pump up the volume
  • Headphones Optimization - hear more pleasant, natural sounds with headphones
  • Customizable Music Presets - Select finely-tuned settings for many styles of music
  • Rise HyperBass - produce deep, rich bass sounds
  • High Fidelity Restoration - eliminate that "muffled" sound
  • Spectrum Analyzer - "See" DFX enhance your sound
  • Music and Speech Modes - Get optimized sound for any audio
  • Customizable Skins - Choose from hundreds of skins
    Everything is said here, but I can say that you can give 3D sound effect with this plug-in. You will get both fun and comfort while listening to music with headphones. You will get different colored skins.

The players that this plugin supports are:

  • Windows Media Player (32-bit)
  • Windows Media Player (64-bit)
  • Winamp
  • RealPlayer
  • J. River Media Center
  • Musicmatch Jukebox
  • iTunes New

There is a separate plug-in for each player. Install what you need. I've tried Windows Media Player & Winamp.

Which supports all operating systems:
Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 (32/64-bit) and Windows 8

If you want to understand its effectiveness, listen to the song once with this plug-in and try off the plug-in again. Only then can you understand the difference.

Thanks everyone visiting my blog

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