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Some people always look at the negative side



One hunter had an educated dog to find prey-hunted birds. The dog could walk on water. The hunter could not believe his eyes when he realized this miraculous power of the dog. In order to show this amazing ability of the dog to his friends, he invited his friend to hunt ducks one day. After killing a few ducks, he instructed the dog to pull the ducks out of the water. The dog ran over the water and brought the dead ducks. Several times throughout the day, the dog ran over the water. The hunter expected some comments from a friend for this amazing power of his dog; But the friend was silent. On the way home, the hunter asked his friend, "Did you notice anything unusual about the dog?" The friend replied, "Yes, your dog does not know how to swim." Some people always look at the negative side.

What is a pessimist? If the question comes to mind

★ Those who are unhappy if they can't talk about their frustration.

★ Those who are accustomed to think that their real condition is good but bad.

★ Those who spend a lot of time in life complaining.

★ Those who test by turning off the light, how deep the darkness is.

★ Those who always search for cracks in the mirror of life. Those who, after hearing that most people have died in bed, have stopped sleeping in bed.

★ Those who cannot enjoy the joy of health for fear of suddenly falling ill.

★ Those who fear a bad situation all the time and make all the events worse.

★ Those who see the holes of Rasgolla do not see anything else.

★ Those who see the holes of Rasgolla do not see anything else.

★ For those who only count sorrow, forget happiness.

★ Those who know that hard work does no harm to anyone, but believe that "no risk is right." Who is optimistic? A few words can give the impression of optimism. Be so far mentally that peace of mind will not be disturbed in any way. Tell everyone about health, happiness and prosperity. Talking will instill in the minds of friends the belief that each of them has some or the other power. Try to see the bright side of each subject. Just think about the best, work for the best company and expect the best results. As you get encouragement in your own success, you will also show enthusiasm in the success of others. Forget the deviations of the past and try to succeed in the future. There will be smiles for everyone. Spend so much time improving yourself that there is no time left to criticize others. Be so great that anxiety cannot overwhelm anxiety, be so great that anger cannot subdue.

Make a habit of dong it now

At some point in our lives, we are prone to procrastination. As a result, it has been in the past. Procrastination gives rise to negative attitudes. In fact, the habit of procrastination is more exhausting than the habit of procrastination, the habit of procrastination is more exhausting than the habit of procrastination. An accomplished work gives the mind the satisfaction and vigor of perfection; And unfinished work exhausts all energy like a perforated reservoir. To maintain a positive mindset, you need to make a habit of living in the present and doing things right now.

The sweet laziness of the moonlight gave him sleep, the heat of the sun he enjoyed with all his body,

Some work has to be done - thinking that he has lived all his life, when death came and stood at the door, nothing was done.

The little boy thinks in his childhood that when he grows up I will work this way and be happy. When I grew up, I thought, I will do this and be happy after finishing college. After finishing college I thought I would get a job this time, then I will do some work. When I got the job, I thought I would get married this time, then I would start another good deed. But even after marriage, when he could not do anything, he thought that the children should finish their education, then we will see. When he finally retired, he saw that life had passed before his eyes. Work he could do nothing.

Many people try to hide the procrastination by saying very big things. "I'm analyzing," he said as an excuse not to finish. Six months later, the analysis is still going on, but it is not over. It is a kind of disease, which is called "paralysis of analysis." They will never succeed in their work.

And there's a group of people who say, 'I'm getting ready.' Even after six months, the same answer has been made. 'Their disease can be called' excuse. Avoid work by making excuses not to work all the time. Life is not a ‘dress rehearsal’ before acting. Don't believe in that life philosophy

Why in the game of life we have only one bullet in our hand. The stakes in this game are much higher - the stakes are for the future.

Where and when the answer to this question can be said here and now. The present tense needs to be fully utilized. This does not mean, however, that there is no need to plan for the future. She needs to be there. If the present can be used properly, then, naturally, so will the sowing of seeds for the future.

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