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Real Life of Unemployment



One day or another everyone will have a job but will remember the days of unemployment.

A month passed and I joined the 35th Civil Service. Looks like I just signed that day with trembling hands. Unemployment is over. I got an identity to say ... I got a chair to sit on. Got the right to spend a carefree night.

I remember the days of unemployment very much. I was also a part of the stream that goes to Dhaka every Friday to take the job test. My mother used to fast on the days when I had exams. When I called my mother at the end of the test, she would ask. "How was the exam, Dad? Will there be a job?" Jobs are for those who have quotas, those who have lobbying, those who can afford to pay bribes, those who have the power to buy questions.
Even though I did tuition with a lot of joy in honors life, at one stage it was very insulting. I felt insulted when I climbed up five locks and saw the lock hanging on the student's house. During Eid, when the servant would return home with a double bonus, he would increase the tuition salary by 100-200 rupees on the 27th of Ramadan. "Buy a beautiful Punjabi." I used to get wet. Well, where can you find a good Punjabi for 100-200 rupees?

When he went home on Eid, the neighbors would hit his heart in the disguise of a well-wisher. Relatives used to explain in gestures. I have a big burden on my father's shoulders. I used to hide myself. I would leave the faucet in the bathroom and hide the sound of crying.

Yesterday I completed one month in the civil service. The head clerk of the office informed by phone that the salary and bonus bill has been passed. The amount of money is not bad at all. I hear that this Eid I will be given a reception in the village. But last Eid they made fun of me. The culture of applauding success and cursing failure must change. One day or another everyone will have a job.

Thanks to all

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