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PubG with new facilities


After a long wait, the world's most popular mobile game Pubji Mobile has come with Payload Mode 2.0. The new payload mode can be enjoyed by updating the game for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. In this new updated gameplay, gamers will have the experience of many new things including new armed vehicles, super weapon crates.

Payload mode was added to Pubji Mobile a year ago, giving gamers a new experience to fight. And this time with the addition of Payload 2.0 version, players will be able to gain strategic advantage in the gameplay as well as use powerful vehicles and heavy firearms.

The classic rides of Pubji Mobile, including UAZ, Dasia, off-road buggy and pick-up truck, have been strengthened with protective cover. In addition, players will be able to use new armed helicopters. New laser-guided missiles and four-barrel rocket launchers have been added to Super Weapon Crates for players. A 30-second UAV control terminal, eight missiles equipped with missiles will provide information on enemy positions near the target and man-portable radar will provide information on enemy vehicles. New lootable bomb suits have been attached to save some of the damage from all the explosions.

In the new payload mode the Secret Room is randomly arranged during battle, where all the weapons are great. The base is activated after the start of each match, allowing the use of heavy weapons and powerful equipment. There is also the facility to revive dead teammates through advanced communication towers to survive the war.

Regards: Shimi

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