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My morning starts with pigeons



Assalamu Alaikum friends. Hope everybody is well and healthy. Alhamdulillah I am also well in my family Allah infinite mercy. This morning, I prayed. Then I sleep a little. I got up and went to the roof. I have a pigeon house on the roof so I go to the roof to let them go. I keep pigeons as a hobby, many sell them for a lucrative business with little capital. Pigeon rearing is becoming a potential sector as a means of doing business for less money. But I keep pigeons as a hobby. Pigeons are considered a symbol of peace. Moreover, they look very beautiful. The scene is amazing when they all eat together. Another name for pigeon is payra.


The pigeon is said to be a symbol of peace, since it has been used as a carrier since ancient times. Since there was no medium of communication then, pigeons were used as carriers for exchanging letters. So it was seen as a symbol of peace. Pigeons usually nest in pairs. Each pair has one male pigeon and one female pigeon. They live an average of 12 to 15 years. As long as it survives, the pigeon lays its eggs through eggs. After laying eggs, both male and female pigeons take turns laying eggs.


If the pair of pigeons ever breaks, it is difficult to reconcile the pair. Male and female pigeons have to be kept in the same house for some time to mate. I have nested pigeons in high places where there is usually enough sunlight and ventilation. The height of the house from the ground is 20 to 24 feet and the height of the pigeon's nest is 8 to 10 feet. Pigeon nests can be two or three storeyed. Houses can be easily built with wood, tin, bamboo, straw etc. I built a two-story wooden house. I have left soft, dry straw outside the pigeon's nest or inside the house and they make their own nest with their lips. When laying eggs, I have left straw, dry grass and young grass in the hut. And now in a few houses they have given birth. The kids are starting to grow up. A kid tries to fly a bit and goes down later.


Wheat, peas, khesari, maize, mustard, barley, rice, paddy, pulses etc. are used as food for pigeons. Each pigeon eats about 30-50 grams of food daily. Pigeon food is also different depending on the breed. Gola pigeons usually eat all kinds of grains. And the mountain pigeon eats paddy, wheat, mustard, linseed, maize, kusum, flower beech etc. Fancy pigeon food double boots, wheat, sunflower seeds, kusum flower seeds etc. Almond, double boot, gram boot, flower beech, linseed, buckwheat, china, mugdal, masakalai, lentil, helen dal etc.


Pigeons usually lay eggs at the age of six months. It takes 17 to 18 days for the baby to hatch and the mother pigeon lays eggs again at the age of one month. From the time the baby hatches, the mother pigeon takes care of everything from feeding the baby. Babies 15 days to one month old can be sold in the market. When the pigeon is two to three months old, it is kept in a separate cage from the family. In our country, Gola, Giribaj, Homer and Fancy pigeons are more common. Gola species of pigeons are more in turn. However, I keep more mountain pigeons.


Gola breed pigeons are reared for production and sale. Notable among the hill tribes are green gola, garba, musaldam, kaldam, baga, chuina, red chila, brown chila etc. Famous for mountaineering and homer competition. Fancy or Shaikhin breeds of pigeons include Lakshya, Prince, Ball, Suya Sandalwood, Sweet, King Siraj, Notton Pigeon etc.


Ranikhet is a well-known disease of pigeons. To prevent this disease, pigeons have to be vaccinated at the age of three days, at the age of 21 days and thereafter every two months. The mother pigeon and the baby have to be vaccinated at the age of 21 days before laying eggs for smallpox. Cholera is vaccinated at two months of age. Pigeons may have a cold fever. In this case multivitamin tablets are fed with renamycin. In case of disease you can contact the nearest veterinary hospital.


If you want to keep pigeons, you must build a good relationship with pigeons. Patience is a must to build a good relationship with the pigeon. I caught too. That's why I spent some time with the pigeons, trying to give 15/20 minutes if I don't have much time due to busyness. Pigeons prefer drinking water, and liking is the first step in a relationship. I had to convince the pigeons that they would not be harmed by me. One of the conditions for maintaining a good relationship is communication.


On the first day, sit down and put food on the palm of your hand, sprinkle some food on your hand, sit quietly, within 2/3 days the pigeon will come and eat in your hand, then the pigeon will come and eat from your hand as soon as you put your hand in front of the pigeon. I secretly try not to let the pigeon go with food and drinking water. Talk to them soon. My pigeon dislikes unnecessarily laying eggs. This is how I try to keep my pigeons. Alhamdulillah the pigeon has not been harmed so far. Sometimes I eat the meat of pigeon babies. Pigeon meat is very tasty. Then I came down from the roof. We clean every room in our house. Then I perform prayers by taking bath and ablution. I recite the Qur'an at the end of the prayers. After some time of recitation, I organize Iftar in the evening. It becomes iftar time to cook and do chores. So when the call to prayer is made, we all break our fast together.

OK friends, everyone will be fine and safe. Thanks everyone.

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