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Mouth and dental care



Brush your upper teeth with toothpaste and brush every morning and at night before going to bed, and brush your lower teeth from bottom to top and inside your teeth.

Furide gives that corner toothpaste is beneficial for teeth.  Change toothpaste and brand every two to three mousses, as different pastes contain different ingredients.  Use dental floss in areas that cannot be cleaned with a brush.

Do not use coal, rose, tooth powder, ash, soil, etc.

Do not drink too much - do not eat betel - it causes tooth decay.

Do not smoke bidi-cigarettes - it has the potential to cause mouth and tooth cancer.

Clean your teeth well after eating special foods like bread, biscuits, cakes, toffee lozenges, ice cream etc.

Never eat biscuits, cakes, toffee lozenges before going to bed and between meals, and brush your teeth well after eating.

 If you have a habit of sleeping with a yes, avoid it, because as a result of sleeping with a yes

Anger in the face and teeth increases.

Fatty and solid foods such as carrots, guavas, mangoes, sugarcane, pineapples, pears, apples, coconuts, etc. help to keep teeth and gums healthy.  In addition, it helps in the normal formation of the jaw.

Lemons, mangoes, oranges, tomatoes and a spread of vegetables square measure made in vitamin C and alternative vitamins. vitamin C is useful for teeth and gums. 

Dispose of your baby teeth in a timely manner.  Otherwise there is a risk of permanent teeth being crooked.

If the child-adolescent is accustomed to finger sucking for any reason, then that habit should be stopped.  Consult a dental surgeon at Aparagata. Otherwise the teeth will be crooked, high and low and inconsistent.  In addition, the normal structure of the mouth and jaw may be inconsistent and the structure of the mouth may be impaired.

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