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Life Story of two Crows



I have been living in Dhaka for about two and a half years. The flat I live in has a small jackfruit tree right next to the balcony. Next to it is a small pond full of garbage. The tree grows a little more than a normal tree because of the water in the pond. , The three main branches of the tree, on the largest branch, a pair of crows heading for a beautiful nest just before the rain,


The two crows work very hard to build the nest little by little. Then when the nest is finished, the female crow lays her eggs and the male crow sits on another branch. I see about 20 times a day what love is between them. Three eggs in the crow's nest and a few days later I saw two babies lost an egg. The two crows now leave the babies and go out in search of food. The two crows seem to be silently staring at us,

A few days later, the two crows seemed to get lost in words. At the end of the rainy season, winter came. Aunty's house on the 3rd floor was cut off because the sun did not come. He came back and is building a house in a new way and now I see that the house is being built. The house is not finished yet. Now it is my turn to see if the children will grow up now ??? Everyone's invitation 😂😂😂😂


Everyone will be healthy and safe. Thanks everyone.

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