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How to be a Good Student



It is not that you will be a good student if you read too much, but you will be a good student only if you study regularly according to your routine. When we want to know about something or express interest in knowing, a motivation is born in our mind - that is the motivation to know something. We need to focus our minds on what we want to know.

We all study but can't be good students and get good results. But everyone is well-dressed. There is a strange talent hidden in everyone. Only by awakening that latent talent will we be able to achieve our desired success. Despite this talent, not everyone knows the technique of its proper use or he has not tried. My book is written with a complete guide line on how to make yourself a good student and get good results in such a situation. In this book, I will continuously tell you the things that if you know and use them properly, you will be a good student and will be able to get good results in every test of life.

The more sincerity and interest you have in learning a subject, the sooner you will be able to learn and know that subject. Your knowledge and experience will continue to grow.

You will find the current of knowledge inside you. Your world is just a reflection of you in the mirror, here you will get back exactly the way you evaluate yourself and others.

Speaking of which, to be a good student you need an excellent guide line on how to move forward with goals.

This time I will discuss the time. The two best things have been given to all of us by the great Creator. One of these is time and the other is the brain. What you do with these two is entirely up to you. 24 hours for all millionaires, kings and the poorest. How you spend your time depends on your work plan. Time is a precious resource not only for one student but for all the people of the world. A very common saying in the West about this is Time is all best of zrotey, meaning time is the best resource of all resources.

So making a plan of how to use the time is essential for every good student. This plan is very useful for every student.

In this case we can divide the time into three parts. Allocating 24 hours a day for all of us, it is for all the people of the world. But it is surprising that people in all countries of the world do not use this time equally; The developed countries of the world, especially many powerful countries in Europe, work continuously for about 14 to 18 hours. After a short break of 6 hours in between, they concentrated on work again. More than 6 hours is considered as their overtime. The people of these countries have an average of 2 hours of eating-drinking-rest, 2 hours of begging and 4 hours of sleep. Again maximum 6 hours sleep and 2 hours rest 2 hours without request. In this case their working time is 14 hours + 6 hours + 2 hours + 2 hours = 24 hours.

In the case of our country, this calculation is completely opposite. We work an average of 8 hours in a 24 hour period from 10 am to 4 pm. Excluding 1 hour of rest including lunch, the working time stands at 6 hours. Although many of us wake up before 10 in the morning, that time is of no use to us. In that case we waste 2 hours here and spend 30 minutes freshening up and having breakfast. Leave work after 4 pm and return home at 5 pm or 6 pm. Then I gossip till 10 pm or 11 pm and then I fall asleep. Then compare the calculation to see how much time we work and how much time we waste. This calculation is applicable for a working person. But there are slight exceptions in the case of a student.

Here is a table on how to use the 24 hours allotted to you:

Divide your time into three parts

A. Time Budgeting
B. Time management

C. Time Leveraging

A, Time Budlgeting

Let me tell you a scientific method of how to allocate time. Divide your 24-hour time into how many hours you sleep each day, how many hours you wake up in the morning, how much time you have to spend in school / college, madrasa and university. Keep that time in hand and then make a nice plan with the rest of the time. And take a look at the results of these times and see how much time you have left that you can spend studying.

B. Time manager ent

The time you have allocated from your daily time. For example, you will wake up at four o'clock every day. Then study till 5 o'clock. Worship and walk from 5 to 6 p.m. Then read and write on a variety of subjects during continuous school time and also calculate how much time you are spending for breakfast. You will get that time after returning from school. Some of his time is rest, sports and recreation. Then calculate the arithmetic and handwriting. After the evening, concentrate on the reading table, including English grammar practice and Bangla literature, grammar and other subjects until 11 or 12 at night; Then pull yourself to the bed to rest. Follow this rule for every day.

C. Time Leveraging How much time you will increase for a subject and from time to time every day

Extending time is the process of making a plan of how much time you will save for your studies and use it diligently. For example, you used to spend 10 hours sleeping, now you plan to sleep 8 hours. Here you extended 2 hours for work. You used to spend all your time after school on Binaedan i.e. watching TV, singing songs, chatting with friends, etc., but now you don't do that and you allocate 1 hour for these and you spend the rest of the time doing arithmetic. This is how you spend your vacation time on vacation. Save at least 3 hours from it and during this time repeat the lessons behind the class and choose to practice handwriting and another subject during the second holiday of the month.

In other words, the time is being extended, you used to study for an average of 5 to 6 hours a day in 24 hours, but now you have increased the time for studying to an average of 6 to 8 hours a day.

For your understanding, I have allocated 24 hours in this way. And you can create an imaginary table according to your needs. Use the formula that I gave you to create a well-organized plan. This plan will determine how you proceed. How many hours will you study every day and how many hours will you allocate for any subject. But you have to make all these things according to your needs. The bottom line is that you need to save time, avoid wasting time, and use that time wisely. Only then will it be possible to achieve your goals and objectives.

Below is a calendar in the form of a table for your convenience. How do you spend your holidays and half-days here? New days are added to the study of certain subjects on special days. Or is better if practiced; He has to look at it. Looking at the calendar that has been scheduled this month, how much time do you have in a month and how to spend it better; I firmly believe that you can get an idea.

Plan Table-January








    1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31    

Possible plans for a week-long reading routine Dear student friends! Below I am making a very simple thematic planning table for you. You will follow this and create a plan for yourself. Because you have the time, you have to decide how to use that time. In that case, I am not only a mentor but also a guide. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. I have nothing to do here if you can't perform your plan properly. Or he calls his own doom from negligence and neglect of duty. The result is that you have to run. Not me, but I will suffer the consequences of my actions. And you will enjoy the results of your actions. If I work properly I will get better results. And if you neglect, you will get bad results. So it will be in your case. So, instead of giving birth to bad times, but for the sake of your good times in the days to come and enjoy the joy of getting good results, be serious about your work from now on and devote yourself to hard work. You will see that even complex and difficult tasks have become very easy for you. In any case, if you listen to the teacher with full concentration, with a little patience, with the help of the teacher, or with deep concentration in the classroom, you can work a little harder; However, even complex issues will become very easy for you. If necessary, ask your teacher politely. You see, he will explain the matter very nicely. Dear student friends! To make a plan by looking at this table

Concentrate: Practice doing beautiful and fast handwriting in English and Bengali with at least two pages every day.

For students of all departments, all classes, get out of bed every morning after Fajr or earlier and understand and memorize the important questions at this time. Practice writing without memorizing. Then do the math at least one-hour cold in the morning, then practice English grammar just before school time. Practice writing the lessons you have learned a few times. Practice like this every day and follow your planned schedule and routine.

Take at least 20 minutes every day to learn to write 15 or 20 words with meaning from the English dictionary without looking at it. This will increase your English language skills as well as vocabulary.

Attend each class. Listen carefully to what the teacher has to say. Get an idea of ​​the content of English literature and grammar in advance, i.e. practice the subject on your own initiative before the teacher discusses it in class. Keep up the good content.

Repeat the 6-week class reading at the end of each week. Mark each point and below the possible questions with a red ink ballpoint pen.

For Madrasa students

Madrasa students have some different issues outside of the wrong college. So they have to take care of their own issues while making routines and plans. Many madrasas have science departments but most madrasas do not have science departments. And there is no business education or commerce department in any madrasa. But they have some books that school / college students don't have. And they have very complicated issues. So they have to make routines and plans according to themselves.

Study Quran Sharif and Hadith Sharif regularly every day. Be sure to pay close attention to the important questions while reading the topics. In the case of the Qur'an, it is necessary to pay attention to the important notes, Shane Nuzul and the interpretation and translation of the mentioned verses. In order to avoid any kind of mistake, it is very important to be fully compliant with Hadith Sharif as well. A good student must be equally important and attentive to every subject. He has to keep an eye on it.

Make separate time for Arabic 1st letter and Arabic 2nd letter. It should be noted here that you must have a good idea about Arabic grammar. It is not possible to acquire good skills in Arabic without good knowledge about Nahu Charaf in Ilm. Therefore, it is very important for a madrasa student to have knowledge in order to understand Nahu Charaf. Otherwise, it will not be possible for him to translate Arabic and translate words. The matter can be brought under control as soon as it is understood without memorizing the opinions of some taeta birds. Even if you memorize it a hundred times, it is not possible to bring it under control. So memorize the matter of memorization and understand the matter of understanding. You get into trouble every time you try to memorize and memorize. On the contrary, if you understand and memorize everything, you will never be able to forget it. And never go to memorize before you understand.

Practice writing Arabic at least 2 pages a day, neatly and quickly. Be sure to pay attention to the spelling when writing. Practice how to read Arabic without moving. Madrasa students have to understand many aspects of Fiqh Shastra and Usul Hadith, so if they memorize without understanding it, it will never be possible to master the subject. It is important to take care of him

It is very important for the students of each department to pay attention to the objective as well as multiple choice questions. Remember that you will have objective questions on each subject and you will have to answer many questions in a creative way. Therefore, it is very important to practice keeping this in mind. Every chapter, content and historical context must be read very carefully. Paying attention to formulas and rules in mathematics. In science, content, religion, The reasoning, the presentation of reason, must be experimentally observed. It is important to pay attention to the question paper while reading each chapter.

What questions might be asked from that chapter? What kind of question might be. I strongly believe that students will be able to get good results very easily if they notice the essay questions, short questions, multiple choice questions. Can you answer these questions correctly? If you pay attention to that, you will be able to achieve success in every field of student life by enriching your skills and talents inshaAllah. I believe that my advice will be applicable to both school, college, university and madrasa students and everyone will benefit from it.

Moreover, every school, college student can practice the book Easy English Teaching and Necessary Words I wrote in 30 days to gain proficiency in English. This book describes an easy way for students to learn English on their own, with important grammar solutions and sentence structure rules. The above book written by Maestaq Ahmad can be found in the library of Thana Sadar in any district of Bangladesh.

Yes. In addition, I have written more than a hundred books to help students build a bright future. Of these, 5 are my famous books

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