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India will be looking to make the 2011 T20 World Cup memorable as they hope to bring home their third title.


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Like 2011, India is hosting the Cricket World Cup again.  The team that won the title a century ago is now dreaming of a third title.
England hosted the last edition of the World Cup.  Under the leadership of Eoin Morgan, the British, known as the father of cricket, tasted their first World Cup win last year.

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According to England's World Cup-winning former captain Eoin Morgan, India is the favorite in this year's World Cup.In an interview, Morgan said, 'India was the favorite even before the Asia Cup.  They were favorites even before Jasprit Bumrah recovered from injury.  They have also gained great momentum before the start of the tournament.  Compared to other teams, their preparations have been quite smooth.

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He also said that India's biggest challenge will be the XI selection.  Whether they play more spinners or more all-rounders remains to be seen.  The second thing is to see how they handle the pressure of being favorites at home.  But I think they can do it.  They did that in 2011.Morgan said about his team in the World Cup, "The positive thing is that the depth of strength of the current team is now at a different level.  I really believe we can give two teams who can fight for the semi-finals and one of which can go on to win the title.

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