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Rachin Ravindra and Davon Conway hit centuries against England in the ICC ODI World Cup opener and India's 9-wicket victory over Bangladesh in the semi-final at the Asian Games


New Zealand should always be ready and looking for something new to respond to the opposition.In the very first match of the T20 ODI World Cup, Janam showed by snatching victory against the world champions England.New Zealand won by 9 wickets by 9 wickets.Along with that, Rachin Ravindra and David Conway have shown their amazing bat speed.Both of them scored centuries in the first match as well as victory for the team.Rachin Ravindra scored 123 off 96 balls and Devon Conway scored 153 off 121 balls.Rachin Ravindra was selected as the best player of the match.In the first match, the English saw a brilliant and fearsome performance from Ravindra and Conway which they did not dare to face.

The English batted first in the first match.Cricket lovers never expected such a shameful defeat of the world's best in the first match.Batting first, he gave New Zealand a target of 282 runs, meanwhile the Englishman lost all the wickets and played the entire 50 overs.It took a short time for Rachin Rabindra to complete the target given by the English in just 35 overs.In no time the game was over and the victory was snatched away by Team New Zealand.If the English have such a style of play, it is certain that they will have to walk in shame in this World Cup.

Batting first, Joe Root scored 77 runs off 86 balls and George Buttler scored 43 runs off 42 balls.Jonny Bairstow scored 33 off 35 balls.The pressure of victory was in the eyes of the English but they could not go to that place in any way.While bowling, Joe Root and the Buttlers had a strong desire to take wickets but Rachin Ravindra smashed their dreams with repeated sixes.With a partner like Devon Conway, scoring a century in the first match of life is no big deal.If two such players bat like this, the World Cup will surely go to New Zealand.After the ODI World Cup, one more game is currently underway, the Asian Games.

Bangladesh and India face each other in the semi-finals of the Asian Games this morning.Bangladesh lost shamelessly to India.Afif Hossain is a player like the Bangladeshi national team, but it was not known that he played so badly.Bangladesh cricket team has passed shamelessness.India was given a target of only 97 runs in 20 overs. However, Rockibul Hasan started collecting good runs after coming to the field.Collected 14 runs in three balls and after playing one ball he got out intoxicated with sex.

The Bangladesh team could not last long in front of Tilak Burma's stormy bat.India secured the final by snatching a direct victory in just 8 overs.Of course, many big teams are prepared to lose to a small team like Malaysia. It is normal for Bangladesh to lose to India there.The semi-finals of the Asian Games between Pakistan and Afghanistan are already underway, with the team going to the finals facing India.It will be a great moment to play the final of the U17 team at the Asian Games.Everyone will sit with interest to enjoy the beauty of cricket game.
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