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Giraffe is an iconic animal which is very beautiful and very tall.


That looks very beautiful and grows very tall. Usually, this animal is not seen around us, it is necessary to go to different places to see this animal, usually you have to go to the zoo to see this animal because at present the animal is almost extinct, it is the second largest animal in the world, this animal is usually very tall. which is considered to be the longest in the world because as a living animal in the world now this animal is known or known by humans as the tallest animal in the world.

Screenshot 2023-09-30 130542.png



Screenshot (137).png

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A few days ago I visited a zoo. Went there and collected a picture of this tall creature. And below I have also collected a videography which I am sharing with you today I hope I can share with you the details of this animal the animal looks beautiful as well as this animal is so tall that you will be surprised to see the water Giraffe's head attracts people widely Jillap The head case is one of the nicest aspects

Screenshot (134).png

Screenshot (133).png

Screenshot (132).png

The animal will also rhyme well with you because this animal is a very friendly animal it is the second tallest animal in the world and one of the tallest animals in the world when you visit the zoo and see the vipenny up close you will understand how it lives a strange life and exhibits beautiful patterns. This animal is usually seen at the sister stage or in some garden courtyards. It is so long that you can see it from the water.

Screenshot (131).png

Screenshot (130).png


How did you feel about today's photographs of giraffes? Please let me know below, I have shared a photography and a videography, how do you like it all together, I am hoping for your opinion, I am trying to share it beautifully, if you like it all, then definitely give your opinion.

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