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Some beautiful photography standing with peacocks


Hello friends how are you all. I hope you are very well and healthy. Today we are back with a beautiful block. I hope I can present the blog to you in a beautiful way. I hope I can present everything in this blog in a beautiful way. The picture I am sharing today is a zoo I visited a few days ago. I am sharing with you today, I hope you like it because it is their holiday. When I was taking this photo, I felt good because I have never had the luck to take a picture next to a peacock so close, but this is the first time I am standing next to a peacock. Collected these pictures when the peacock feathers were raised

Screenshot 2023-10-06 122218.png





I like to travel to different places from time to time and I have tried to take pictures with peacocks in different places but I could not solve any problem due to cage confinement as birds are usually kept in cages so that the public does not disturb the bird. The authorities arrange it so as not to misbehave but it is a privilege for me to stand and photograph with you today as I usually don't find this kind of scene anywhere. When I see the picture from a distance it is actually much better because the bird of mind is usually caged. Even though I have shared with you the caged peacock, it is so beautiful that I could never take a picture.





I went to the National Zoo in Malaysia a few days ago. I collected the pictures from there. And when I collected the pictures, I am sharing these pictures with you today because I tried to keep them in line with my work because usually I post pictures of different types of flowers moving around in different places because that's what I like. Also sharing these pictures is working differently and below I have also made a videography hope you like it.




Thank you very much everyone. I actually usually always try to create some nice blocks with you guys to see and read this blog today. I try to create content on my own. I don't know if you like the content or my words or if you see any problem in creating the post. But I always try to say something good. To show you some of my beautiful creations from this beautiful block, then please forgive me if there are any mistakes.


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