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beautiful zoo Place in Malaysia.


Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are very well and healthy. Today I am back in front of you with a beautiful block. The block I visited a few days ago from a zoo, I captured some scenes on camera. Trying hope you will like it I have collected the pictures from different places at different times as part of that today again sharing the pictures with you all together how do you feel these scenes must try to tell me these beautiful scenes I made the block. trying to

Screenshot 2023-10-02 142756.png

Screenshot (146).png

Screenshot (145).png

Screenshot (144).png

Screenshot (143).png

Here I am common buck today I am sharing with you bucks which are not commonly seen in different places I don't know the exact name and about it but it looks so beautiful beyond words it is too big to express it is kept open in the zoo here Authorities and fishes they are hunting fish in their own way because here fish farming is done very nicely so that they can collect food and that's why the authorities here have made various arrangements for their convenience. The zoo is packed

Screenshot (142).png

Screenshot (141).png

Screenshot (140).png

Screenshot (139).png

Screenshot (138).png

When visitors come here they get a lot of joy to see the beauty of everything and enjoy it so we also went there to enjoy the festival and to enjoy the fun and roam around which is actually much nicer that the authorities here have arranged it beautifully for the visitors. These beautiful animal worlds are housed here as it is one of the most popular places in Malaysia as it is known as the National Zoo.











How did you feel about today's photographs of giraffes? Please let me know below, I have shared a photography and a videography, how do you like it all together, I am hoping for your opinion, I am trying to share it beautifully, if you like it all, then definitely give your opinion.


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