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zoo Park traveling time.


Hello friends how are you all. I hope you are very well and healthy. Today again I am going to share with you the scenes while visiting a place. Hope you will like these beautiful scenes I also took my photos with other mobiles and prioritized the scenes there first to share with you.





The photos that I am sharing with you today are already my photos. I visited the Malaysian National Zoo a few days ago and collected these photos. I will make some beautiful blocks because there are so many beautiful scenes that I have tried to capture on camera and I will try to share them with you today in different ways.





It takes a long time to get to the zoo from where I live because the scenery there was so beautiful that we had to go there directly because it cost like 30 Malaysian Ringgit to go there from our place but it wasn't bad when I entered. Authorities not allowing us to enter because we lacked the required documents so it was a lot of trouble so I thought of going back but thought what would happen if I didn't go back and went to enjoy it nicely and enjoyed it. I try to wait with the mind thinking that I will come



I usually travel to different places when I think of traveling, I try to capture the scenery and the beauty of the place and share it with you because wherever I try not to travel, if there is any I try to do more when obstacles come up, it's a trait of mine that I always do


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