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Random flower photography


how are you all Hope everyone is well I am also very well So here I am again today to share some random flower photography I took Hope you all like it

Actually I like photography a lot I like to do photography Whenever I see anything, I want to do photography I especially love flower photography and nature photography Today I will share with you some of my flower photography The ones I picked up a few days ago In between, I did not do much photography due to my exams and little busyness So today's arrangement is with some old pictures Hope you all like it So let's see random photography of some random flowers.






The name of this beautiful flower is Madhurilata As beautiful as the flower looks, the name of the flower is also beautiful This flower is seen almost everywhere But I photographed this flower from a small nursery I photographed this flower while visiting the nursery once But I often see this flower in many places There is a plant of this flower in front of the gate of the house next to my house Many flowers bloom there, these flowers also have a sweet smell Which I quite like Anyway, hope you all like Madhuri Lata flower photography


Mike Full




Many people may know this flower The name of this beautiful flower is Mike flower But different places may have different names However, I know this flower as Mike flower There are several large trees of this flower in front of our house A very beautiful and charming flower This flower can be seen on trees most of the year Anyway, I hope you all have a good time. My photography of Mike Fuller


Kalmi flower




The name of this flower is Kalmi flower Many may recognize it, but many may not recognize it Because this flower is mostly seen on the banks of rivers or ponds This flower is not found anywhere else A very beautiful flower Anyone will be impressed by the beauty of this flower Anyway, I took this flower photography from a small river near our house a few days ago Hope you all like the photography


Aparajita flower




The name of this flower is Aparajita Maybe everyone has seen, a very beautiful flower These flowers are often seen at the gate of a house or an institution If there are few varieties of Aparajita flowers, this flower variety is very beautiful and attractive My grandfather has this flower plant in his house I took this flower photography from there Hope you all like it


jaba flower




You may have recognized the beautiful flower above This beautiful flower is called Jaba flower I have photographed this jaba flower which is very beautiful and full of beauty from a small nursery But there are some different varieties of jaba flower in my house But this jaba flower is a bit more beautiful Hope you all like this random photography of jaba flower So friends, that's it today Everyone will be fine and healthy I hope you will like this short program today I will try to share something better later Until then everyone stay well Thank you Good night..

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