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The way the Red Lady cultivates papaya


![download20.jpg]([source]( is a short-term fruit or vegetable. It is very delicious, nutritious and full of medicinal quality. Papaya in Bangladesh is very popular and important. Currently, papaya is cultivated in about 4 thousand hectares of land. Its total production is about 49 thousand tonnes. Today, know about the Red-field Papaya variety cultivation- Seed collection: During the purchase of seeds, it will be well-tested. China and Taiwan red lady seeds are a lot better. Price: Taiwanese red lady buy two packs of seeds for 2 gram seeds can be bought at 550-650 rupees. Seed rate: The number of seeds in the transcript is 60-70. Seeds of 70-100 gms of hectare are needed. As a result, saplings of papaya can be planted in 1 ha of land with 3 thousand -3 thousand 200 saplings.
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