Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

My Introduction Post to SEREY Blockchain.


So far my journey with the Blockchain-based social media platform about more than 3 years. Before Starting my blockchain journey I searched for such a platform where I could show my writing skills and earn some money for myself.  By the grace of Almighty Creator, I discovered the #Steem Blockchain. Steem able to convince me and I consider it as the best blogging platform for myself. Since 2019 continuously I'm creating content for the Steem Blockchain and the #HIVE Blockchain-based social media platform.


Recently, I'm very able to know about the #SEREY Blockchain-based social media platform from one of my friends named @khalidexpert. Wanna thanking him for introducing me to this platform. Normally I used to create promotional content on a Blockchain-based social media platform. Based on my experiences on Blockchain-based social media platforms, I love to promote them on various social media platforms. Specially in #Twitter, #Reddit, #Facebook, and #Instagram. I believe that I can play a very important role to promote #SEREY.


Besides that, I'm also a crypto enthusiast, crypto analyst, and crypto trader. I also loving writing content on # Cryptocurrency-related topics. I can explain life based on reality.  Photography is my one and only hobby, so I love to create content on #Photography. 


Hope my journey with #SEREY Blockchain will be very remarkable. Feeling very proud for being a part of #SEREY Blockchain.


Thanks for being with me.  



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