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Why we shouldn't focus only on money on reward based social media???



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I started to use internet first at 2016. In the last five years, i have visited on many social media platform. Basically i spend most of the time on internet with social media. Some of these social media are reward base and the others are not. 

I use not reward based site such as facebook, linkedin, twitter etc. And there are steemit, hive, blurt, serey, noise etc which are reward based social meadi. These are mainly blockchain based. 

However, i am writing this post to discuss a irony matter of fact shortly. I notice that people only focus on money basically on reward based site. It hurt me. These site has not suitable for good writter. No one will judge you better if you write a good and standard article. Even they don't discuss about the article or post to each other. That means, almost all people use these reward based social media only to earn money, not learn from it.

But when you focus about the post and discuss about it with people from different countries, it helps youto know different things, enrich your stock of knowledge, helps you to be a good fighter in real life battle. When there is an interaction among people form different region of the world, it helps them to broaden their outlook and dispel their prejudice. 

When you earn money form somewhere, it is short term earning. Today you may have a lot of money, but you may lose all tomorrow. but when you will develop your culture, knowledge, outlook, thoughts etc, this are long term earnings. You will never lose this virtue....

So i think we shouldn't focus only on money. We also have to focus our article, discussion about it. Then the use of such media will be the best. 


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