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Volkswagen Beetle: An amazing journey by Volkswagen


When I think about a car, one of my first choice is Volkswagen car. Volkswagen is on of the most famous automobile manufacturer company. They produced various types of cars. Among them Volkswagen Beetle is my crush. When I saw this model I am very delight to see its design, outlook and style. I am more amazed to see it's update. There are many update of the model. And all the cars of this model will fascinate you.

However, Volkswagen Beetle was first came into market at 1938. And it was produced since 2003. And total 529,464 units were produced in this long period. This model is assembled in different countries of the world.

Among all the upgrade of the car I like Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 most, which was first unveiled at 1971. I love this car's design, outlook, dimensions and all. It was one of the most modern car in that time. engine condition was very well. And the sound was too uniqe. There was no compromise to the performance of the car. The car was too hard and you can ride it any situation of road.

Effiency of the engine was remarkably high. As a result it was comparatively low cost car as regard fuel. But mileage of the engine was something high.

Price was also in a satisfactory range as compared to its performance, hardware and all. So it was one of the dreamt car among people then.

If I had enough money, I would buy a Volkswagen Beetle. That is my dream.

Thanks to all..........

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