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UEFA Champions Leage for all football lovers....


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UEFA Champions League is the most competitive tournament for club football. Every year most successful team of different leage of European countries participate in this competition. And the football lovers all over the world has an extra attraction this Champions Leage games. Total 32 team can participate. Four table topper of La Liga, EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A, top two team of leage 1 and the topper of other countries leage can participate. In this year, there has been already completed the 1st round game and the round of 16 game. Totally 8 team has been qualified for the quarter final. In this year, Real Madrid from La Liga, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea from EPL, PSG from Leage 1, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund from Bundesliga, FC Porto from Portuguese leage has qualified for quarter final.

There has been already completed the drawn for quarter final. In quarter final, Real Madrid, the most successful team for the tournament history will play against English giant Liverpool, Bayern Munich will play against PSG, the two finalist team of the previous year, Manchester City the table topper of EPL at present will play against Borussia Dortmund, and another english team chelsea will play against FC Porto.

Like other football lovers, i am very excited to enjoy the coming match. Though my favourite team is FC Barcelona from La Liga and they failed to qualify for the quarter final loosing the game against French giant PSG, I still very excited for the rest of the competition. I believe that who will play good, they will win. As FC Barcelona is my favourite team, so i feel sorrows but i love football than the team. Basically I am more excited to enjoy the match between Bayern Munich vs PSG. Perhaps they are the most dangerous team at present all over the world.

However, if you are football lover, i think you will not miss these games. Best luck for your favourite team.

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