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Starting of my journey with cryptocurrency...



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It is now five years running since i started to use internet. It was 2016 when i just completed my hsc examination and admitted to Rajshahi University to get honours degree in applied mathematics. Then i bought a smartphone first and started to use internet. Before then i have no device to use internet. 

It was 2017 when i first heard about cryptocurrency. Basically i heard about bitcoin shortly btc. One of my friend named Dollar Asif who just started to trade on crypto market then. After days basically almost the end of 2017, i heard about steemit from him. Although he also didn't understand steemit better at first, he became able to cope with it very soon. Then he told me about it. And i started my journey on steemit. There was a very good moment on steemit had i ever remember. Although i have gone away steemit after a short period i love steemit till now. There are many reason to love steemit. There was many good people, they were very friendly, and i with some of my friend work on steemit altogether. We all earned a lot of money too. 

However, i closed my journey on steemit at the end of 2018. And it was my starting to go with cryptocurrency. While i used steemit, i had a little knowledge about cryptocurrency. Then i became enthusiastic to invest on crypto market. From then i have invested many times. Though my investment was to too big but i always try to stay with it. I have faced a lot of loss many times. But at the end i have a lot of profit also. And, in summary, i am happy with cryptocurrency yet. 


Thank you all for visiting my blog. I hope you also will be very happy with crypto. 

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