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Netbox browser: A decentralized backed web browser....




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Have you ever heard about netbox browser? It is a decentralized backed web browser. I use it since last january. And my experience about the browser is good. So i want to make you know about the browser today.

It is a very smart and fast browser. More attractive thing about the browser is that you can earn a netbox coin by using the browser, reffer to your friends, staking netbox coin. There are many more features in this browser. 

However, when you would start to use this browser, you could know all of the features. Now i will tell you how you can start to earn by using this browser.

1) First you have to download the browser. You can download by this link, (To inform you more that this browser is only available on windows and linux. So you will be unable to use it on android or ios)
2) Install the browser.
3) After installing the browser, you will see an option to make an netbox account. So sign up. You need only a mail address to sign up.

After signing up, you can start to use this browser. You will be rewarded one netbox coin for signing up. After using one week, you will be rewarded three netbox coin and you will also get six netbox coin after using the browser one month. Also you will get activity reward everyday on basis of your using time of the browser. 


You can also earn netbox coin by reffer your friends. You will get your referral link after log in. For every referral you will get total ten netbox coin in one month. 

You will get much more features while you will start to use this browser.

So would you miss the chance to get experience of a smart and fast browser or scope to earn netbox coin? I think you shouldn't do this.

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