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I want to go home as soon as possible


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I was very busy in last two days. Though it is fasting month, I have to go out everyday to do my tasks. Now i am in another city and far away from my home. It is more than 120 kilemeter far away from my native city. I am here only for my some important tasks. But i had to go home soon. Here I face a great problem of foods. And it is almost impossible to be in fasting without proper food. That's why I want to go home ass soon as possible. But there was a lot of important job here. So in last two days i have worked so much and have completed all of my jobs here. Now i am free and have no work to do here. And so, i will go home tomorrow.  I am very happy to go home after a long time....

But i am in a little worry about vehicles to go home. There is no lockdown in my country now, but our government have limited the number of intercity vehicles on road because of covid-19. As a result, i might have to face a little problem on road not getting any vehicles. It is happy to say that i have many alternative to go home. But if I have to use alternatives, i have to bear more cost....

However, I will go home in anyway tomorrow. And I will spend the rest days of fasting with my family. 

Thank you a lot my friends for visiting my blog.....




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