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I am with reward based social media almost four years. At first i entered into steemit at the end of 2017. Then my journey continues to hive, blurt and serey. At last i joined on noise one month ago. As i am related with these site for years, so i have a noticeable knowledge about all of them. They all are good from their own perspective. Every site has it own characteristics and potentiality. So I can's say a platform bad or better than others. They all are better and unique from their own place. 

But I am writing this post to focus on a different matter. On steemit, blurt and hive you can have effect on other posts only if you have enough power or staking. Why I am saying that? Now see, though all of these are social media, but almost all people only focus on money here. There are less interaction among people on these platform compared to focusing on money. Again if you have not enough staking , you have not enough influence on money on it. So when you have less staking, your influence is less inspite you are very good user, authentic, creative etc. Creativity or hard working have less value here. So all I want to say that if you want to be a big influencer on steemit, hive or serey you must have a big amount of staking.

But this matter is fully different for noise. There are no issue of staking on noise. If you are a authentic and good user, enough active and maintain all the rules and regulations of noise team they will give you free tips. And you can make an  influence on other post by this free tips. They review your activity on noise after every 2-3 days, if they find all positive, they continue to giving you free tips. Otherwise they will stop to giving free tips. Here you no need to staking like other platforms. This fact makes noise different from other site as i think. 

What do you think about it? Let's discuss about it...

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