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Do you want to invest money on cryptocurrency???


Nowadays cryptocurrency is a big issue on table. As the world is becoming digital day by day, trading system is also being digitalized. Cryptocurrency is like a digital trading system where you can invest your money on crypto coin. This is totally a virtual coin.




However i want to tell something for newbie about crypto trading but not what is crypto in details. In present days it is very popular to invest in cryptocurrency. May be the amount is less or more, number of investors is increasing. That is very good for crypto related person. But the main problem is in another side. Many crypto investors has no enough knowledge about trading. As a result, they lose much of their asset in a short time. It is very shocking. Everyone come on this place to earn something more, but if they lose their asset it will have a great negative impact not only on the investor but also on the persons related to cryptocurrency.

To me, it was september 2018, i first entered on crypto market. My entry was through steemit social media blockchain platform. After using a short period of time i was very interested to be in touch of crypto more. Then I open a binance exchange account and buy 200 usd. But crypto trading was fully unknown to me. I wanted to learn about it. The more i can remember that i lost my 200 usd in only 5 days. I was shocked.

Then i decided to learn more about crypto trading before any investment. One of my elder brother helped me more. He was very well known person for crypto trading. After learning a bit more i again invested 500 usd on binance exchange. It was little but i was very excited this time. And then, there was many time i have lost , many time i have a great profit. I am very concious about it. After days i have invested many times. And now i am on average happy with crypto.

Cryptocurrency trading market is a very unstable place. You can bear a great lose or big profit. Probability is equal on both side. So you should be very concious about your asset. I am also not so perfect on this trade. I always use premium signal when to buy or sell a coin. In this method, risk is very low but the profit is also low.

As this market is very unstable so you should be very stable on. Be so aware before starting trading on cryptocurrency.

Thank you everyone............

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