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Can cryptocurrency change your life???


Nowadays cryptocurrency has become a issue that is on table at any time. Cryptocurrency has affected our economy greatly. May be future world economy will mostly depend on cryptocurrency. 

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However, while we hear the word "cryptocurrency", first of all the word that comes to our mind is bitcoin. Many of us mind that cryptocurrency means bitcoin. It has many reason. First of all, bitcoin shortly btc is the first cryptocurrency that launched at the mid of 2010. Although more than 4000 coins and tokens exist on crypto market now, btc has a great influence on crypto market. Now, btc has 61% dominance on crypto market, while the 2nd biggest crypto coin named etherium has 11.6% dominance. 

However, bitcoin first launched at the mid of 2010. Then it has travelled almost 10 years with many ups and downs at different time. Many times people disbelieved btc. But who always believed on btc they are successful now. At the time of launch of bitcoin, it's price was 0.0008usd/btc. That means if you bought btc of 1 usd at 2010, you would be the owner of 1250 bitcoin. But now bitcoin price is almost 50k usd. And if you have 1250 bitcoin now, then you have totally 62,50,000 usd. It is what the people succeed who are with bitcoin from 2010. 

It is a simple example of successfulness of cryptorelated people. I am not saying  that all crypto related people has many profit all time. Bitcoin has many ups and downs in this 10 years journey. But  i am telling you that if you have any attraction to cryptocurrency, may be you will be successful after a long time. 

I have a little knowledge about cryptocurrency. But i always try to know more about it. If there  has any wrong information in this post , please let me know by commenting.

Thank you all for reading my post.

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