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MARRIAGE IN CAMBODIA Love conquers all



Top Read of 2009: They say love can conquer all, but cultural differences and bureaucratic necessities can be a frustrating stumbling block for those who find the partner of their dreams in Cambodia.
Editor’s Note: Since this piece was originally written in 2009, the ever-controversial issue of mixed marriages has taken a few twists and turns in Cambodia. The breadwinner in the family and eight years older than Gao, Clifford says most Khmer men, including her husband initially, find the idea of a woman bringing home the money in a marriage difficult to handle. «You have to choose your battles, but we manage to compromise on most things. Ultimately, though, I have the final say when it comes to issues such as health insurance and education».
Miscommunication is a common source of both amusement and anger among many couples. «It’s important to speak the same language as your partner,» say Clifford reminiscing over a wedding present that left 12 chickens running around their kitchen.

Out of respect for Cambodian traditions we were blessed by a monk and hosted a party to celebrate … But we had to wait until the ban was lifted to have the union legally recognised


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