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The Earning Potential Of Crypto Social Media



Now that I’ve been tracking my earnings for a while, I’d like to compare each platform and look at what my average earnings were for each month. This should give some insight into how these platforms monetized and gave payouts over time.

*Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and is purely for entertainment purposes. My crypto data may or may not be simulated*

I will go through each platform and discuss how earnings have changed and share any insights to go along with their average earnings and the timeline for how long I tracked them.



In 3 months, I’ve earned 540 LEO currently worth $337.41 USD at its current value of $0.62 each. My average earnings per month was 180 LEO or $112.49 USD. This platform has yielded great value and pairs perfectly with my efforts on Hive.


In the 4 months I’ve been earning on DTube, I have earned 250 DTC and gotten 3 airdrops of 918 and one of 896 DTC. In total, this is 3900 DTC valued at $1,712.60 at its current value of $0.44 each. This is an average of $423.38, but only $20 when you don’t include the airdrop. So clearly, the airdrops make up the bulk of the money earned here, but it’s definitely worth participating.


While I’ve made over $2,275 USD over almost 2 years that I’ve tracked my earnings on Steem. My average monthly earnings ended up being 167 Steem a month valued at $45 at its current value of $0.27 each. Steem used to have a great yield, but now the earnings are dismal and not entirely worth the effort.


After using Hive since last February, I’ve managed to earn 3030 Hive excluding airdrops. That is equal to $606.10 USD at its current value of $0.20 each. This is an average of $55.09 per month which is decent but paired with Leofinance, it generates a great yield.


SoMee has a lot of issues, but during the time that it has been working and I’ve used it, I’ve been able to earn about 269,000 SoMee points of which I have mostly withdrawn and swapped into ONG and then sold. Out of the 7 months, I’ve actively used it, it’s only worked fully about half of the time. So, while withdrawals and access to funds are behind a $100 verification fee and are turned off regularly, you can still earn quite a bit here. They also have other restrictions and issues going on, but I’ve managed to earn about $2,207.61 worth of SoMee at its current price of $0.008 each. This is about $285.49 USD per month on average.


Over the 1 year that I’ve been tracking my earnings on Uptrennd, I’ve earned about 10,000 1UP. Before I started tracking I earned about 37,500 1UP. In total, I’ve earned 47,911 1UP points valued at $431.20 USD at its current price of $0.009 each. That is 1,470 1UP per month valued at $13.23 USD. Uptrennd is pretty dismal and I haven’t been taking it very seriously lately.

Brave Browser

My total BAT earnings for being a verified Brave creator and a Brave browser ad user adds up to 694.86 valued at $309.21 USD. This is about $20.95 per month for the 2 years that I have tracked my earnings from Brave at its current price of $0.44 each.


I’ve been actively using LBRY since October 2019 and since then I’ve managed to earn about 164,500 LBC currently valued at $22,076 at its current price of $0.13 each. That is about 10,280 LBC per month valued at $1,379.64 USD. LBRY has been by far the most consistently high earner for me and I highly recommend it.


I’ve been actively using and tracking my journey on as of March 2020 and since then I’ve managed to earn about 2.43 BCH valued at $1,266.29 USD today with its current price of $521 each. That is about 0.224 BCH per month valued at $116.82 USD. has been great and is one of my favorites quickly growing new platforms with lots of potential.


Publish0x is crypto agnostic and gives out tons of different cryptocurrencies. Since I’ve been tracking my earnings as of May 2019, I’ve earned $1,911.30 USD excluding my HYDRO & BNTY earnings which I didn’t track. I’ve earned HYDRO, BNTY, BAT, ETH, AMPL, DAI, and FARM on Publish0x. Earnings have drastically varied for different coins, but overall, my average monthly earnings combined comes to $244.08 USD.


I’ve only just started using but given I earned 281 MTR in just a few days near the end of January which is valued at $160.17 USD at its current price of $0.57, I was amazed at the potential here and wanted to include this as well. I will also be tracking this and sharing it in my monthly reports going forward.

Total Earnings

The value of my earnings when I originally put them in was $17,769.86 which is now valued at $33,132.72 which is an appreciation of $15,362.86 or 86% by just holding it. This just goes to show you how much money you can appreciate by holding crypto and why what may seem small at first can grow rapidly in a bull market. Not only that, but 33k is more or less a livable wage and given that most of these earnings are from the last year, this highlights the potential of crypto social media as a full time career.


Where do you earn the most crypto? Do you earn any crypto? What is your favorite blockchain or crypto monetized social platform? Are you using any of the platforms I covered? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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