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Friday is full of blessings



Assalamualaikum my friend,,,, How are you today,,,!!? I scotadskin on this occasion I want to share interesting pictures about Friday. ![IMG-20181116-WA0001.jpg]( Life is the most beautiful gift that Allah has given us all. Every day is a day to be grateful for by maximizing every potential within us. And Friday, is the best day to worship and get closer to the Almighty. Every thing we feel today should be grateful. Thankful for being able to eat, when there might be some difficulties out there for eating; grateful for being able to believe when people out there may have been tempted by the world and pawned their faith in Allah Who is a Man of Care. Friday is a blessing and special day for Muslims. Because on this day the men (forced or not), returned home to 'home ’Allah Almighty. to carry out Friday prayers, when, perhaps, in ordinary days they never go to the mosque at all. This is a blessing. Some blessings on Friday that we must contemplate, First, Allah created the Prophet Adam. On Friday and recite it on Friday too. Second, Friday is the day on which Prophet Adam. put in Heaven. Third, Friday is the day on which Prophet Adam. handed down to earth. Fourth, Friday is the day on which the Resurrection will occur. Some of the hadith which state the virtues and blessings of Friday are as follows, The best day where the sun rises on that day is Friday, on that day Adam was created, and on that day Adam was put into Heaven, and sent down from Heaven. On that same day the Resurrection will occur, on that day there will be a time when it is not a believer's prayer facing Allah expecting good, unless Allah will grant his request. (Narrated by Muslim) Ma syaa Allah,,So blessing is Friday. In the picture above clearly shows an old grandfather who walked using a stick to the mosque. Well, this is all I can share on this occasion. I hope you like it and choose to continue to support me. ![IMG-20181116-WA0033.jpg]( Your voice is very appreciated
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