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broken electronics



Hello my friend,,,, How are you today,,,!!? On the occasion of this blessed day, I presented some broken television pictures that I photographed in a warehouse where repairs were made. ![IMG_20181030_130746.jpg]( ![IMG_20181030_130718.jpg]( ![IMG_20181030_130804.jpg]( ![IMG_20181030_131014.jpg]( ![IMG_20181030_130613_AO_HDR.jpg]( Now try to imagine how much money is wasted from these objects ...? and try to imagine if that thing can live like in a robot movie, it will really be troublesome ... our world is filled with robots. Thank you for my friends, all have visited my blog, don't forget to vote and also follow to continue supporting me. and Thank you also for your cooperation. ![IMG-20181102-WA0009.jpg](
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