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[The beach is one of the favorite tourist attractions visited by many travelers for refreshing, especially when the holidays arrive. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the world and choose to spend time on the beach with family, friends, friends, couples and others. Looking at the blue sea, waves, playing sand, swimming and enjoying the beautiful view of the sunset or sunset at dusk is a fun and beautiful thing.](url) ![FB_IMG_1560075026586_1566101696835.jpg]( [Like the waves crashing on the beach then back to the sea back again to the edge of the same beach. However, the water that returns is not the same as the feeling that arises in the mind throws the mind into emotion, but actually the taste and ripples that occur are never the same. Problems of life such as waves on the beach. he will come but in due time he will go.](url) [Thank you for taking your time for a moment to stop by my post, your voice support is greatly appreciated.](url)
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