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Be grateful because you can beat disappointment..



Warm greetings, creative friends. Optimistic and always grateful is the most effective medicine from various disappointments. No one among us does not experience it. Everyone must have felt that, even from once, tens of times to hundreds of times. Disappointment or disappointment is a human thing, so it doesn't matter if we feel it, but that is always a problem when we don't want to learn from these various disappointments. That's an important point to remember. ![IMG_20181221_082039.jpg]( Disappointment or disappointment that usually comes because of hope, desire, support for something that is not achieved, the greater the expectation, the greater the risk to be disappointed because of failure. From my experience, I often feel a sense of disappointment, from small disappointments to greater ones. From disappointed children to the style of adults, especially from my sensitive nature, easily touched and felt, makes it disappointed to be. But that was before, not for now. I am still sensitive, easily touched and feeling and still feel disappointed, what changes is the way I look and how to respond to that feeling of disappointment. Learning from various kinds of disappointment. Many lessons can be learned, learning is more optimistic, learning is more grateful, must be more enthusiastic, must be more trying and praying. When I failed, my mistake was that maybe I did not try and pray or maybe this was not my fortune so I must be sincere, because there are still many things that are the best in the future. When we feel like a failure and disappointment, don't be discouraged, remember that the inventors must have hundreds of times and thousands of times failed until finally they can find very extraordinary discoveries and until now we can enjoy such as telephone and lights. What makes them successful is perseverance, perseverance, optimism, patience and a sense of enthusiasm. ![IMG_20181217_100420.jpg]( **Thank you..**
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