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Al Hilal win despite Neymar's penalty miss.

Al Hilal win despite Neymar's penalty miss.

It was Neymar's debut for Al Hilal against Riyadh. But Saudi Arabian star Salem Al-Dawsari took the penalty instead of Neymar and Al Hilal fans gave him a double.

Almost two weeks later, last night in this Saudi Pro League match, Al Hilal received a penalty against Al Shabaab and Saudi winger Salem Al-Dawsiri, who scored against Argentina in the last World Cup, was also on the field.

But Neymar took the penalty. If you have not seen the match or do not know the result of the match, it is natural to think that Neymar scored from the penalty. wrong Missing!

Al Hilal regained top spot in the Saudi Pro League points table with a 2-0 win over Al Shabaab.

Neymar only missed the penalty in this match. Apart from that, his performance was quite good. Also created 3 more good scoring chances. Neymar was also the man behind Mitrovic's second goal for Al Hilal after 8 minutes.

The Brazilian star entered Al Shabaab's box with individual skill and gave the Serbian striker a chance to score. Before that, Neymar hit the ball post from the penalty in the 37th minute of the first half. The Brazilian forward has yet to score for Al Hilal.
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