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Crazy is happy (Sometime) | Trader Life



Life sometimes need to be little crazy as mus as possible to enjoy. Because one day you will regret what you have never done on what you could do but you don't. To be enjoyed we don't even need external thing, because the internal is matter, When you make your internal clean the world does not have power to control our emotion or to take your happiness. Yeah! Trading sometime it's stressful if I need to go out to release stress seem like taking so much time. So I decide to do whatever make me refresh for awhile then I get back to work. I like to share some funny activity with you guys. If you want to know how it's look like let's play the video below: Thank you so much even though you knew it's a little bit crazy but you still watch it. Share your comment bellow and I am happy to accept all the comment and suggestion.
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