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Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018



At the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018 on June 7 in Utrecht we'll have an extreme amount of diversity among all (inter)national speakers! Janko Gorter of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) will talk about their current and future vision on Blockchain & Crypto and legislation plans!

With one of the world's leading ICO expertsRichard Kastelein we’re looking for the Best European ICO - let the team know what projects you like - the winner of the ICO pitch will present their project at the BIC18 main stage.

On the other hand we have Bruno Škvorc of Bitfalls who thinks 15% of ICOs are fraud, 60% are delusional and 25% have a chance to make it. His Top 10 Blockchain platformsand where to get quality information.

For more info and tickets check the link below

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