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The sun and its light



If you see the picture in this post, of course your attention is focused on one of the yellow rays that illuminate the surrounding environment. Then if you notice again that makes nature more beautiful because the presence of sunlight makes this nature brighter with a very beautiful beauty when viewed carefully. But have we ever thought what would happen if the big fireball did not exist in this world. Alright, friend Let's review the lines of the sun that we often encounter every day of our lives in this world. In our solar system, we know that the sun is the center of the solar system. Why is it called center? Because in the solar system, the Sun is the largest celestial body and He is always silent without moving and always shines forever. Then in the solar system the sun is surrounded by planets, others go according to their orbits, when you are on earth a glimpse of the sun surrounds the planet. But basically other planets run or spin around the sun.
**(The sun behind the wild grass)**
Physicists say that the Sun can be said to be a giant fireball that has a diameter hundreds of times that of the earth and has temperatures of up to thousands of degrees,
or about Celsius around 55050 C. Whereas the diameter of the sun has an Earth diameter 109 times
As for what you see every day, almost perfectly round like the foot ball you play in this world. Then one question arises in his heart how can the sun shine? So the answer is as scientists have mentioned that the sun is wrapped in a very hot plasma mixed with a magnetic field (Hipotesis ilmiah tentang matahari dan planet lain: 2001). This magnetic field makes all the planets around the sun remain in the orbit of their orbit, so that the plasma encased very hot with a magnetic field emits colored light and penetrates the Ozone to the earth.
**(The sun is covered by mountains)**
If you study history about the sun, according to science and the history of the formation of the sun,
the sun formed 4.6 billion years ago. The sun is formed as a result of the gravitational decay of a region inside a large molecular cloud.
It was further explained that,
the gravitational decay of large cloud molecules was split into parts such as discs which later became the Solar System. Most of the material from the large cloud molecules gathered in the middle.
If we see the sun from the direction of the earth or in plain view, of course we already know how the shape and color of the light from the sun emitted from the center of the solar system. Then one more question arises why is sunlight yellow? The experts replied that. Actually, sunlight is white. Because we are on earth and see the light directly. It turns out that white rays are protected by the atmosphere, so that sunlight automatically passes through the Earth's atmosphere so that light diffuses. Therefore, the sun appears yellow as you see in the picture in this post.
**(The sun is on the top of the mountain)**
From the results or processes mentioned earlier, the sun appears yellow. Scientists explain the average distance
The sun to Earth is around 149.6 million kilometers. It depends on the revolution of the Earth, because indeed the shape of the earth's orbit around the sun is not a perfect circle, so every distance in a particular orbit influences the distance of the sun to Earth.
Scientifically it can be concluded that the distance is measured by using pressure waves (infrasonic sound), the Sun has a core structure, radiative zone, convective zone, photosphere, atmosphere, magnetic field. (Hipotesis ilmiah tentang matahari dan planet lain: 2001) Then what is the other explanation about the change of light to earth. I will present this discussion in the next post that will come. For now, we are temporarily sufficient and hopefully it will be useful for all of us, thank you for your visit to my blog.
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