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Will You Intercept The Punch?

When you are ready to fight and see your opponent clearly, you can do more things to defend yourself. You are in fighting competition and your opponent is in front of you. You have an idea of what your opponent is about to do. 

So you also stand in a formal fighting stance to fight. Your whole attention is on your opponent since he is the one who will attack you. It is unlikely that someone from outside will come and attack you. It is a sport. Everything is under control. If not, the fight will be stopped.

Intercepting your opponent's punch can be an effective defense and strike in a fight. When you intercept your opponent's punch, you throw a punch against a punch. Of course, here speed matters. 

The first thing you have to identify is, what your opponent is about to do. You see he is going to punch you. You have to punch him faster than he does in order to intercept the punch. As a result, he will not be able to hit you with his punch because you have already hit him before his punch reaching to your body.

Things can go crazy in a fight in real life. You are usually not in a formal fight stance. So even you see the punch, it takes time to react. The time you take raising your hand to punch, you might get hit. Again it depends on your speed and the ability to detect the attacker's move earlier.

If you are not fast enough, you might not find intercepting the opponent's punch effective. Another martial artist can use it effectively because of his ability, training, and speed. It can be different for you.

So will you intercept the punch in a fight? Please feel free to express your thoughts and experience in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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