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Why Should You Do Stamina Training In A Martial Art?

Physical fitness is really important if you do any sports. If you are not fit, you cannot engage in activities and do better. So before getting into any sports, you have to do training to be fit fast. Training is a continuous process, so you need to keep doing it. 

If you practice martial arts, you should do stamina training. Some people think that martial art is some techniques and you just do that, that's it. Well, you will learn different techniques, but it is not like pressing some buttons, and you are done. You have to train how to fight. 

During a fight, if you are getting out of breath, you cannot continue fighting. It is not like you do not know what to do. You cannot move faster because you feel terrible. You are so tired that you cannot punch or raise your hands to defend against strikes. Your body does not respond the way you want.

Whether you are learning martial arts and focus on its sports aspects or you are learning martial arts for self-defense, having stamina is very important. It will enable you to keep going and make your move consistently. When you fight for self-defense, the attackers will show no mercy. Even when they see you are tired, they will attack you more.

You should incorporate stamina training in your martial art training routine. You can do stamina training one or two days a week besides your other training. You need to push further when you do stamina training. You will gradually see your progress. Have patience and keep practicing.

If you do hard training one day and push yourself further to increase your stamina, the next day don't push yourself that hard. You can do your normal training and give your body some time to recover. You should eat healthy and practice martial arts regularly. You will be happy to see your progress. 

So what do you think about stamina training in a martial art? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. 

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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