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Why Is It So Important To Detect The Attacker's Moves?

When you do sparring, you know your training partner is going to attack you. So you are ready and you have a pretty good idea of which direction it is coming from. Moreover, you get used to seeing your partner's moves, so it becomes easier for you to detect his moves.

If you are a fighting competition, you and your opponent are ready and you two know what is going to happen next. You stand in a fighting stance, and so is your opponent. When the bell rings or you hear the sound, *begin*, you start fighting.

The things we face and deal with in a controlled environment like a fighting match, it is easy compared to fighting for self-defense. This is very important although you might not hear people talk about this.

I make my posts and share my thoughts about martial arts and self-defense. It will not make you an expert, it can help you in your journey of learning martial arts and self-defense.

When something happens, people get injured and died because of attacks, we feel how important it is to learn something to protect yourself. Everyone has the right to defend himself or herself. It is one of the most important life lessons that you can learn. Maybe this can save your life one day. Who knows?

In order to defend yourself, you have to detect the attacker's move first. Otherwise, you cannot do anything to protect yourself. You know if you move back, the attacker will miss his target and he will not be able to hit you. But if you do not understand what he is about to do, you cannot make your move against that to defend yourself.

Therefore, detecting the attacker's move is the first that you have to do block or defend yourself and counter-attack. So what do you think about detecting the attacker's moves for self-defense? 

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!


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