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What Do You Do With Cards That You Don't Need In Your City?

Hey Players! 
How are you doing? 

You play with different cards, see which card does what and how it impacts your city. Then you can make decisions and set strategies to grow your city. Do you need all cards that you have in your city? 

I think everyone has some cards that he/she does not need in the city. So what do you usually do? 

If you do not need some cards, you can make a sell order and it will appear in the market. You can sell those cards and get SWAP.HIVE or SIM that you set your cards to sell at the time of placing sell orders.

What if you don't need some cards but you do not want to sell them or maybe sell them in the future?

You can keep those cards in your city, no problem until it creates some problem in your city. So does a card make some problem in your city?

Cards can negatively affect your city. For example, if you have overpopulation, it will deduct from your SIM income. So the more overpopulation you have, the more you will lose SIM. To solve this, you can have social aid office cards. One social aid office card decreases social support costs by 100 SIM.

Still, if you have overpopulation, you can simply make sell orders at a too higher price. It will send to the market. It will reduce overpopulation. You can also send those cards to your alt account.

You can also build a small city in your alt account and balance your main dCity account. So what do you usually do with cards that you do not need anymore? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now. See you around!


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