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Should You Do Stretching In Your Martial Art Training?

If you see gymnastics, you will be surprised to see their performance. How they move, blend their body, then rotate, and do a lot of things that seem impossible. I remember something that's funny. Once someone is so surprised to see a gymnast's performance that he says that they have no bones. 

Body with no bones?? How is this possible? Again the way they move, and the level of flexibility they have, that can make any person astonished. They can do that because they are trained to do that. They practice regularly and because of their consistent effort, they are able to do that.

As a martial artist, you have to be flexible as well. There are different martial art moves that you cannot do if you don't have flexibility. That's why, if you start practicing martial art, you are learning basic exercises and stretching. You will keep doing stretching on a regular basis as a part of your training. 

You might find little difficult to do stretching for the first time. Don't need to put more pressure at the beginning. If you keep doing stretching and exercise regularly, you have more flexibility. 

To do high kicks, you have to raise your legs, you cannot raise your legs to kick without having flexibility. Flexibility helps you make your moves smoothly and effectively.  So flexibility training is a must. When you do stretching, you can give little pressure day by day.  You will be surprised to see your flexibility in the future.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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