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Do You Do Sparring With Multiple Opponents?


When you usually do sparring, you will do that with a training partner and it is one on one. Only one opponent is in front of you, you can see him clearly. Then you do sparring. Sparring is a great way to test and learn how to put techniques into action.

By the way, do you do sparring with multiple training partners at the same time? All of them will attack you and you will defend yourself. It is way harder to fight with multiple opponents. 

If you are in a fighting match, you usually face one opponent at a time and it is a fair fight. This might not happen in real life. There can be a gang of attackers. They all attack you, and you will find yourself vulnerable.

You stand and look at the attackers who are in front of you and to the side. There might be attackers just behind you. You approach to strike one attacker and someone already hits you behind your back. If you turn to face him, again other attackers will be behind you and you don't know what they are doing.

You can easily guess how difficult it is to deal with a situation like this. Now I am going to share with you a magic formula that will solve everything.... Nope, it will not. There is no magic formula that can solve everything to fight multiple attackers.

There are a couple of things you can pay attention to while dealing with multiple attackers. You are vulnerable when you cannot see what they are doing to attack you. So, try to put them in front of you. Don't let them be in a circle around you. 

As a part of the strategy, you can move forward or side to keep them in front of you. They will follow you, so you can also move back quickly. They will usually close to you, you can see them.

You might think that you will run and get out of there. You have to be careful and make your move understanding the situation. If you run, you will be defenseless. They can run after you and easily strike you from behind. So even if you move back, watch out. You can do sparring with multiple opponents to practice and understand how to deal with a situation like this.

Please feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comments below. Thank you very much for reading this post. 

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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