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Do Something You Believe

When you were a kid, your parents might have asked this question or you see parents asking this question. The question is, **What do you want to be?** ![Dream when you were a kid.jpg]( [Source]( If the kid says doctor, engineer or banker, parents are very happy. Do you think it carefully? This is the answer parents want to hear. If you become a doctor, engineer or banker, you will be successful in professional life. Our society put it in a pedestal. When you are grown up and want to be something else, your parents and relatives are worried about you. You will have to hear a lot of negative comments like you have no future what you are doing, that does not make sure, I do not see anyone doing that, you will never be successful, you will be in big trouble in your career, you are not listening to your parents and so on. ![Believe.jpg]( [Source]( All those negative comments can make you upset. The thing is, they do not try to understand your view, maybe it is because you are working on something they have never seen before. Things change with time. What was cool before, it might not cool now. Now you will not find any people who do not have a cell phone regardless of their financial condition. That's the reality. Let's look back 20 years ago. Having a phone would be considered luxurious goods, but it is not anymore. Having a cell phone is a necessary product that you cannot live without it. That is the current state of society. If you want to be happy and live your life on your own terms, you should do something that you believe and enjoy. If you do a job and people highly appreciate that, but you don't enjoy doing that, what's the point of doing that for the rest of your life? That does not make you happy. Other people think you are happy. ![Achievementl.jpg]( [Source]( We spend most of our time working. So do something that you like and believe. Listen to your inner voice. Take action based on reality. We are living in a great era. Now we can do something online and make a living that was just a dream before. People who make negative comments now will change their mind when you become successful. Time will say everything who is right. Until then put your head down and work. Thank you so much for being with me on my Steemit journey. If you like my post, please follow me @RezoanulVibes. And let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you.
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