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Attacking and Grabbing From Behind

When you are in a fight in a fighting competition, your opponent will be in front of you and you can see your opponent. Your opponent might not approach and attack you from behind. It's fair when you fight in a fighting competition. 

When you face any situation in real life, you cannot expect that it would be a fair fight. The attacker will have the advantage. Usually, you will be attacked when you are not ready or you are in an awkward position. You might face a surprise attack. The attacker may get behind you and grab you. 

There are different ways someone can grab you from behind. Let's watch this video and talk about it in context. When the attacker grabs your throat, it could be any way or from any side, the first thing you have to make sure is, you can breathe. If the attacker puts pressure on your throat and you cannot breathe, you cannot do much.

In the first grab from the behind (in the video),  the master said to turn your neck. As a result, it does not put pressure directly on your throat. You can do that for the time being and quickly make your next move. In this situation, you can also pull the attacker's hand a little so that you can drop your chin. When you make your neck hard and drop your chin, you can breathe.

The second grab from behind is nelson lock. When the attacker grabs and locks you, and it is a full nelson lock, you can do a couple of things. What's showed in the video, you can do that. But if the attacker is bigger and stronger, he will not let you do that easily. 

You can try to step forward and then move back to grab the attacker's legs, the attacker can make it difficult for you to do that. He can grab you tight and put more pressure on your neck. In that situation, it is really difficult to do that. You can ask your friend to do this, you try to release that, you will realize how difficult it is to do that.

The way we keep our hands, that makes it possible to grab us like that. You can change it quickly like magic and release yourself from a full nelson lock. Just raise your both hands up to the sky and quickly get down to the ground. The attacker cannot hold you anymore.

So what do you think about this? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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