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Delicious jhalmuri of the street


This jhalmuri is a popular food for all the people of Bangladesh. People of any age like to eat jhalmuri. Jhalamuri is not found anywhere but.

Jhalamuri is not available without a specific place.
Such as--
Market and
Jhalamuri is found in populated areas.

The taste of eating hand-made jhalmuri is different. Now most of the time it is seen that different companies make jhalamuri through their machines which is not so tasty.



The picture you are looking at is a mobile shop in a market in our area. The hand-made jhalmuri in that shop is everyone's favorite. And I eat jhalamuri from here most of the time. Whenever I have time, I come to this shop to eat jhalamuri. I took this picture a few days ago, today I shared it with you.



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